Sep 06 2012

Laser Surgical Removal of an Ear Mass in a Dog (Video)

In one of our previous blogs we discussed the variety of conditions we could treat with our therapy laser. The beauty of our therapy laser is that it also can be adapted to be used as a surgical laser. We have been able to perform some surgeries which would have been very difficult without the use of the laser. The advantage of the laser is that there is minimal bleeding and minimal discomfort post-surgically for the pet.

We took a video during one such laser surgical procedure. It was a Labrador retriever who had a mass deep in the ear canal and would have been problematic to remove, due to bleeding and the difficulty of completely removing it with conventional surgical instruments. As you will witness in the video, the surgery was a great success as the mass was completely removed and there was virtually no bleeding at all. Dr. Don Staunton performed the surgery and he was assisted by our head surgical technician, Melissa Rafac, a certified veterinary technician.

Here is the link to this short video, showing the amazing capabilities of our surgical laser, posted on youtube.

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