Dr. Don Staunton is an exceptional veterinarian, and Dr. Sakas’ “way with birds” is phenomenal

This is an overall opinion rather than a report on a specific visit or treatment.  We think the world of Niles Animal Hospital and Bird Medical Center.  We have had dozens of pets (and several veterinary services) over 30 years’ time but this caring, compassionate group of professionals is simply the best.  At this time, we have two “senior citizen” shih tzus who are in rather delicate condition, so we need for them to have a soft, gentle touch in their treatment.  The doctors and technicians at Niles Animal Hospital have always provided that.  Our visits are never rushed, and we have never felt that unnecessary tests or medications were suggested or performed.  Charges are reasonable and fair, and follow-up is excellent.  With this group, we have always felt that we were a part of the decisions regarding the care of our animals, and the pro’s and cons of various procedures are always carefully explained. Dr. Don Staunton is an exceptional  veterinarian, and Dr. Sakas’ “way with birds” is phenomenal.  We think so highly of Niles Animal Hospital that we drive from the south side of Downers Grove up to Niles just to see their doctors!  (Well worth the trip!)

Jim & Caryl J

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