Dr. Peter Sakas is incredibly compassionate and so generous with his time

Dr. Peter Sakas is incredibly compassionate and so generous with his time. I trust him with my life, and love how he handles my birds. He is direct and supportive, and is truly brilliant. They came highly recommended to me when I rescued my first bird, and I am so fortunate to have found them. Dr. Sakas is widely used and well known for his great manner and high intelligence. He is a widely sought-after speaker, and he is involved in all types of avian care as well as other animals, and is published as well. He emits an aura of calm around him, to calm both the animals and their caretakers. I am continuously impressed by his skill and knowledge. He is amazingly intelligent, and he will keep you distracted so you are not worried while he works with the animals at the same time. He is a remarkable human being, and I cannot even begin to describe how caring and knowledgeable he is. Anybody who has ever dealt with him will love him, and will recognize how intelligent and compassionate he is. He is great about providing a learning opportunity for new veterinarians, and I have recommended a number of others to him. The staff at Niles is excellent, and they offer a very high quality of care. I could not be happier, and I could not conceive of going somewhere else.

Maris H.

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