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    The Yellow Dog Project

    Nov 20 2014

    Have you ever seen a dog with a yellow ribbon on its collar or leash and wondered what it’s about? The Yellow Dog Project is a not-for-profit movement to help dog owners and the public identify dogs…

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    Do You Need Pet Insurance?

    Nov 17 2014

    As veterinary medicine becomes more technologically advanced, the cost of care increases because of the higher costs associated with the equipment, facilities and training required to provide these…

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    Ebola and Your Pets

    Nov 13 2014

    By Lynn Buzhardt, DVM …

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    A Salute to Military Working Dogs

    Nov 06 2014

    A Navy Seal and his dog rappelled from the scoreboard to the field of Cowboys Stadium in Texas to deliver the official game coin for the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals football game. The…

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    Halloween Safety for Pets

    Oct 30 2014

    It’s the spooky season, and people love to get gruesome! But for some pets, Halloween can be a genuinely stressful and scary time. Consider: …

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    Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

    Oct 23 2014

    Every October, shelters and rescues are mired in controversy over black cats. Some shelters are criticized for offering special adoption fees for black cats during the spooky season, while others are…

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    Playing with your Pet – Not Just Fun and Games

    Oct 16 2014

    You love to laugh and have fun with your friends – and your pets are no different. But playing with your pet is not just fun and games – it’s actually got some serious benefits for both of you.…

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    Halloween Hazards for Your Pets

    Oct 15 2014

    Halloween is a holiday that is great fun. Through the years more and more people have really become involved with extensive decorations in and around the house. In addition, there is the candy and…