Pet Poems, Quotes and Stories

General Pets

Animal Quotations – A collection of quotations by noted people about pets and animals.

Animal Quotations Two – More quotes about animals by some notable and not so notable people.


The Creation – A wonderful “fable” about the Creation.


Pet Loss : Poems and Stories

General Pets

A Bridge Called Love – Inspirational words

A Message to My Master – Comforting words from a deceased pet to it’s owners.

A Parting Prayer – An inspirational piece about the Rainbow Bridge.

Fragile Cycle – Thoughts about life and death

I Am Not There – Comforting words from a deceased pet to it’s owners.

I Only Wanted You – Comforting words about loss.

I’m Still Here – Words indicating that your pets never really ever leave you.

Request from the Rainbow Bridge – Another story about the Rainbow Bridge.

The Last Battle – Touching words about an aged pet.

The Rainbow Bridge – A story about the “Rainbow Bridge.”


A Dog’s Prayer– A heartwarming prayer from a dog to it’s owners.

A Little Dog Angel – A heartwarming story of a dog angel awaiting it’s owner in Heaven.

Dog Lifespan Story – A fable about a young boy’s theory as to why dogs do not live as long as people.

Poem for Dog Lovers – Poem in memory of a deceased dog.

The Last Will and Testament – A piece by the noted playwright Eugene O’Neill, in honor of his dog.

We Have a Secret – Loving words to a deceased pet.


Poem for Cats – A loving poem for a deceased cat.

Shadow’s Song (on the death of a cat) – A tribute to a deceased cat.

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