Dental disease is one of the most common problems that can occur in dogs and cats, and unlike people, most dogs and cats will continue to eat and act normal even if their mouth is painful or infected. Because of this, most owners do not realize the importance of treating dental disease and the impact it has on their pets’ overall health.

Like humans, your pet’s teeth build up plaque every day from food and saliva. If this is not being removed by at home care like brushing or dental chews, the plaque builds more and more until it hardens into calculus, which then requires professional dental cleaning under anesthesia to remove. If this plaque and calculus is not removed, the bacteria it contains infects underneath the gumline into the bone, leading to abscesses or peridontal disease (breakdown of the connection between teeth roots and jaw bone) that require oral surgery to correct. This bacteria can also infect the bloodstream which can exacerbate other internal conditions like heart disease or kidney disease.

Our veterinarians will advise you on preventative measures to maintain healthy teeth at home or make recommendations when more advanced treatment is needed such as dental cleaning or oral surgery.

All dental procedures include:
• Complete oral exam under anesthesia
• Complete dental cleaning, including underneath the gumline, with rinse and polish
• Full mouth digital dental x-rays to evaluate all teeth roots which can’t be seen on physical exam
• Post-operative pain control and additional medication if needed

Depending on what dental x-rays reveal, your pet may or may not need oral surgery to remove diseased or fractured teeth. Our veterinarians are fully trained in dental extractions techniques such as gingival flaps and crown resections. If your pet needs a more complicated procedure such as root canal, our veterinarians will help refer you to a dental specialist.
Our clinic offers Dental Plans with monthly payments! Ask about them today!

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