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    Everyone at the clinic has been great. The care our dog receives is beyond wonderful, she is always in good hands when we come to the clinic. Thank you to everyone on the staff for all their dedication.

    Julie J.

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    Doctor and Assistant were nice and friendly. Over all everything was great. GREAT EXPERIENCE.

    Michael S.

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    We have been quite pleased at the level of care our dog has received. Just wishing we would have come to you years ago. We have no complaints with the practice, the building, the Drs. or Assistants. We have referred friends/family and will continue to do so. Did also try to post a Positive comment on Yelp to no avail. After several attempts and re-writes we gave up. All in all, we have been and are very happy with Niles Animal Hospital.. Keep up the great work.

    Ed and Roxanna D.

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    Your place and your staff are wonderful. I am a customer and a fan. I tell everyone to try your place for loving care of their animals.

    Your staff shows concern and that they really care. I need that just as much as my pet. I’m not afraid to leave them there if thats what it takes. I trust YOU.

    Bobbie C.

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    My dog, Chloe, is always treated with excellence, and she loves coming to the clinic.

    Robert and Sandra C.

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    Carol and Sweetness love Dr. Sakas and his team!

    Carol U.

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    What would I do without all of you. I know I probably bring Frosty when I really do not need to. I just want to make sure he is ok. He is special to me. After all he is headed for 7 yrs old this march. Also if weren’t for Dr. Sakas and all what would have happened to Huelo. Thank you, thank you, thank you and many more times over. I appreciate all of you.

    You are the best. I appreciate everything you do for me and my birds. I feel very confident I will receive the best care possible.

    Dr. Sakas can never retire!!!! Thank you for all you do for all of us.

    Sherry C.

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    FABULOUS experience as always. Very professional staff. Dr. Sakas is a superb clinician in my estimation. Thank you very much for the loving care you give to pets and owners!

    Amy R.

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    Love the team that works with Dr. Sakas. They are always very good to us.

    I always recommend Niles Animal Hospital to all my bird clients. I carry the business cards with me at all times. Bob and I appreciate all the help Pete has given us and our clients. The staff has gone above and beyond what I would expect to when we have trouble with our birds. I will always come to Niles Animal Hospital….always. Pete teaches us things about the birds and so does the staff. That helps us become better breeders and raise better birds. I also really appreciate his love of birds and the time he puts into bird clubs, etc. Not every vet will do that. We love you Pete!! :) xoxoxoxox

    Robert and Alice R.

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    I just love everyone at Niles…..perfection. There is no one like Dr. Sakas….he is beyond amazing. I love that the waiting room is so diverse with a myriad of pets and people. I don’t even mind waiting…it’s so entertaining!

    Kathy B.