Hospitalization Facilities

On the occasion where you pet may need to be hospitalized we have treatment wards and also temperature/humidity controlled incubators if needed. In addition, we have an isolation ward, with airflow directed out of ward directly outside, to limit any cross contamination if an animal with a contagious condition is hospitalized.

We have various hospitalization wards to provide for the care of your dog or cat. We have a presurgical ward where animals are placed before and after surgery. They can be monitored carefully as they recover from a surgical procedure. We have two other wards that can be used to treat animals that require hospitalization and treatment for various conditions that require a hospital stay. Sometimes it is for day-long diagnostic testing.

We can occasionally hospitalize for overnight care, but there is no overnight staffing at the hospital. A staff member may come in to provide late night care under special circumstances.

We also have an isolation ward for pets that need to be kept away from other animals due to potentially contagious conditions or other reasons. The ward is vented to the outside so there is no co-mingling of the air with the rest of the interior of the hospital. When hospitalized, the pets can receive multiple treatments daily including fluid therapy, intravenously or subcutaneously, nutritional supplementation, medications and whatever else is needed to treat their conditions.

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