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Dr Sakas On the Radio Friday November 22nd

By November 22, 2013 Uncategorized

Dr. Sakas on National Catholic Radio Friday, November 22nd.

Dr. Sakas will be on the nationally broadcast radio show, “On Call” hosted by Wendy Wiese, on Relevant Radio, Friday, November 22nd from 1-2 PM CST. This was just scheduled today (11/21/13) as the host needed to fill the guest slot on short notice.

The broadcast can be heard on 950 AM, 930 AM, 1270 AM or accessed through your computer at and listened to online. It is a call in show and Dr. Sakas has been a regular guest on the show. Their phone number for call ins is 1-877-766-3777.

Future dates for next year are being set up….all between 1-2 CST.  We will keep providing updates as the dates are set.

If you cannot listen to it live, go to the “On Call” portion of the Relevant Radio website at, where you can hear this and past shows (7/9/13,  9/21/13, 10/7/13) in the archived shows section (where they are kept for a few months).