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Veterinary technicians are the unsung heroes at every veterinary practice!

By December 2, 2013 Uncategorized

Veterinary Technicians Share Thoughts About Their Work

VTC-Web The Vet Tech Connections Facebook page has more than 15,300 “Likes” (page followers), and it’s a very lively group! We often see questions about career advancement and how to grow their skills, along with entertaining photo posts, funny comments, helpful tips and overall support.

The other day, someone asked the community for advice about becoming a Veterinary Technician as a total “newbie” who has a couple of business degrees. She received 63 (and counting) comments ranging from “do job shadowing first” to “become a practice manager.” Many of the comments were quite frank and balanced in reflecting how Veterinary Technicians feel about the joys and realities of their work.

One Veterinary Technician summed it up this way, “Be ready to endure happiness, heartache, confusion, anger, pain (mentally and physically) and many of these emotions during one day’s work. Never expect to be a hand/arm model as you will always have a scratch, bruise or bite wound somewhere. Go home sore and tired, wake up sore and tired. Yet somehow you’ll find yourself never wanting another career as long as you live!”

Many of those who commented have been Veterinary Technicians for 15+ years, and mostly said they love it. Here’s another representative comment: “All pros. No cons :0) LOVE my job and I’ve been doing this for over 20yrs.”